ACS - Albania Cyber Security

ACS – Albania Cyber Security 

Macro Document Exploit (195$ Lifetime)

XSL macro exploit is made to bypass every email filter .Works with all versions of microsoft office and windows . FUD 0/45 

Crypto Grabber

A good Crypto grabber , undetected which replace victims crypto address with yours .Just spread and see how moneys will grow like a grass…

The Art Of Spreading

Security nowdays is very hight thats why you need a good spreading virus method . In this ebook you will find everything about hacking and manipulating others using good and autopilot techniques .

PDF Phishing + LNK Exploit

PDF exploit+ LNK exploit FUD our new spread method . Bypass all email filters and very easy . 85$ per one file. 


Check Out Other Tools

RED Ransomware


ACS Bitcoin Stealer


ACS w0rm (FREE)


UPDATE : This tool relasted and it is proven to be stable , for password contact @Elektraal


Our Services

Enjoy our high-quality & friendly repair service

Setup RAT ,Portforward ,Testing

We will help you to setup any rat or botnet at low price at your VPS


We also offer crypting per file ,
the price depend on your file native or .net crypting is unique code, unique signature never shared with other clients .


We can code any program for you RAT , Worm , Botnet
The price depends on your desire.

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